Tile Roof Replacement

Replacing a Tile Roof

Whether you select a Spanish Style Tile, a French Style Tile, a Custom Mission Style Tile or a Heritage Clay Shingle Tile, your home will be aesthetically pleasing.

At ABC, our Design Consultants will help you select a style fit for your home, your wants and your needs.

The ABC Tile Roofing System is built to withstand winds up to 150 mph and protects your home from leaking during torrential rainfalls.

The ABC Tile Roofing System requires two layers of underlayment. Both layers protect your home from extreme conditions known to cause leaks.

After we thoroughly protect your home from leaks, we mechanically fasten the 1st and every 5th row thereafter and set each tile in a foam adhesive to prevent tile and wind shifts from damaging your roof and potentially causing leaks.

Although this is not required in every state/county, ABC is dedicated to installing a Roofing System to the most stringent of building codes at no additional cost to our customers.  

We really do believe in our slogan that It’s Not Just a House...It’s Your Home!Ⓡ 


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Shingle Roof Replacement

All roofs eventually weather, break down and need replacing, no matter the type of material or how well they were maintained.

Roof Repair

Heavy rains, snowfall, leaves and trees can all cause damage to a roof. Need a few troubled spots fixed up?

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