Siding Repair

Siding Repair Services

Oftentimes, damage to siding is caused by lawnmowers throwing rocks, woodpeckers, barbecue grills melting portions or a weed whacker catching the edge. In these cases, if caught early, a siding repair would certainly save you a lot of money. Our expert Service Technicians will inspect the damaged area, photo document their findings and if you have some extra pieces of siding, in most cases, the repair can be completed immediately. If the Service Technician has to go to a supplier to get matching siding or a lot of siding must be replaced, that will also be photo documented and we will provide you with a written estimate for the repair. 

Damaged siding? Contact our Support Team to schedule a siding repair with one of our Certified Service Technicians.


Shingle Roof Replacement

All roofs eventually weather, break down and need replacing, no matter the type of material or how well they were maintained.

Tile Roof Replacement

Tile roofs are beautiful, but it's whats underneath that counts and protects your home.

Midwest Siding Installation

Installing new siding will raise your curb appeal and property value and it can even help with insulation and energy efficiency.

Roof Repair

Heavy rains, snowfall, leaves and trees can all cause damage to a roof. Need a few troubled spots fixed up?

Window Replacement

New windows clearly improve your property's value, appearance and energy efficiency.

Gutter Replacement

Well-maintained gutters help protect your property from water damage.

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