Shingle Roof Replacement

New Roof Replacement

The American Building Contractors Roofing System was designed for homeowners to have a worry free roof for many years to come. Installing a grade A roofing system means less concerns after a torrential rain storm, less worries about decking damage or leaks into your home and most importantly protecting your valuables and family.

  • The ABC Roofing System begins with removal of all the shingles and a thorough inspection of the decking to make sure we have the required nailable wood surface.
  • Then we use a high quality self-adhering ice and water shield to protect the interior on every eave, valley and penetration on your roof.
  • Next we utilize a synthetic underlayment which is stronger than tar paper and protects from rips and tears. It also lays flatter on your roof deck so it's a smoother surface.
  • We will then install Owens Corning starter strip shingles in the two most vulnerable spots for blow offs, the eaves and rakes. Starter strip is a double sided adhesive strip that sticks to the underlayment and the shingle. Think of it like tape. If you stick two pieces of tape together it's almost impossible to tear them apart.

 See the ABC Roofing System built right before your eyes by requesting an appointment with one of our Home Exterior Consultants.


Tile Roof Replacement

Tile roofs are beautiful, but it's whats underneath that counts and protects your home.

Midwest Siding Installation

Installing new siding will raise your curb appeal and property value and it can even help with insulation and energy efficiency.

Window Replacement

New windows clearly improve your property's value, appearance and energy efficiency.

Gutter Replacement

Well-maintained gutters help protect your property from water damage.

Roof Repair

Heavy rains, snowfall, leaves and trees can all cause damage to a roof. Need a few troubled spots fixed up?

Siding Repair

If caught early, repairing rotten or damaged siding caused by woodpeckers, barbecue grills melting portions or weed whacker would certainly save you a lot of money.

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