It's Coming Again...Are You Ready?

Storm season is on its way. Are you prepared? Last year in Minnesota, it all started on March 8th when a very large hail storm decimated Cokato, MN. For Minnesota, it was the earliest hail occurrence to hit a city and cause significant damage to single family homes, apartments, and commercial buildings. This was only a prelude for things to come.

The map below demonstrates the financial damage from the 2017 disasters in the US. The projection for 2018 is to only get worse.


Photo credit to: Javier Zarracina-VOX

Our Multi-Family Exterior Service Team has spent over 20 years preparing our clients for the occurrence of damaging storms, so when a natural disaster hits they know help is only one call away.

Here is what some of our clients experienced on June 11, 2017 in the northern Twin City suburbs.

1. Immediate Help

Within an hour of the storm was over in Cokato, Blaine, Forest Lake, Hugo and Brooklyn Park, our clients called ABC and we responded immediately. Service teams were dispatched to these areas to provide help and temporary repairs. 


2. They had a trusted partner experienced with Insurance Restoration Services in their back pocket.

Instead of contacting their insurance provider and being told to obtain multiple bids, they called us. Do you enjoy taking time out of your day to meet with multiple contractors, meeting with the insurance adjuster and then sorting through all the differences between bids and hoping for the best?

Insurance providers want three bids for one main reason...the option for a lower pay out. The adjuster (often inexperienced) will assess the damage and provide their input on what needs to be repaired/replaced, but will likely miss things.  An experienced Insurance Restoration Contractor (like American Building Contractors) can meet with the adjuster, assess the damages together and assist in creating a Damage Report that all parties can understand and agree on. This approach is best for assuring the full property is restored back to its pre-storm condition or better. Why settle for less after paying your premiums for years to get what you deserve - the absolute best!

3. They had a contractor in their back pocket willing to help with communications. 

Fielding calls all day from residents answering the same question over and over again or worse...not knowing the answers can become quite overwhelming. Not sure about the timeline, the materials, the process? An experienced contractor has the answers AND will be ready to field those calls for you. Plan to have our team onsite, at your board meetings and ready to tackle the very questions everyone will want answers to now. 

Before all this happens and turns your world upside down:

Minnesota Hail Storm

Set up a meeting with ABC now and be proactive NOT reactive.

Like Iron Mike Tyson said: "Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face".  I guess you need to ask yourself, how much pain do you want to feel?

To our Chicago Land customers:  Imagine Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, and Palatine all getting hit by this storm, it WILL turn your world upside down. We have had discussions with all of you on best practices, and will continue to do so.

Our team 65 years of combined experience in disaster planning.  Whether it’s hail or hurricanes, we can help you.  Feel free to message Wayne Srsen for assistance.

Get ready.  It's coming.  Again.