Uncover Your Ideal Exterior Palette

Re-siding your home isn’t something you do often. So when it comes time to refresh your home’s siding and trim, you’ll want to be sure you’ve narrowed down a color palette you’ll love for years.

Most home exterior palettes are broken down into the dominating main field color, the contrasting trim hue, and the complimentary accents. Here are a few hints to help you narrow down the perfect palette.

This Chicago home is clad in HardiePlank® lap siding in with HardieTrim® boards in Evening Bluewith HardieTrim® boards in Arctic White

Select a main siding style and hue.

Let the architecture of your exterior lead you to select a siding style that fits your ideal aesthetic. From traditional HardiePlank® lap siding, to funky HardieShingleHardiePanel® vertical siding, or a mix of the options—there are plenty of James Hardie siding varieties to choose from. Once you narrow down your siding style(s), it’s time to add the color. When zeroing in on your main siding color, remember that this will be the most prominent color in your color palette. Be sure you choose a hue that speaks to you and your home’s style, whether it’s an expressive Evening Blue, a more modern Iron Gray or a subtle Sail Cloth.

This standout single-family home is clad in HardiePlank lap siding and straight edge HardieShingle siding in with HardieTrim boards in Timber Bark with HardieTrim Boards in Cobble Stone.

Highlight with trim.

To make your main hue stand out, choose a trim color that contrasts your main siding color selection. If you choose a rich blue or bold gray for a main choice, HardieTrim® boards in bright Arctic White will let the dominating siding color take focus. If you crave a more subtle contrast between your main color and the trim, opt for a more neutral trim tone, such as Cobble Stone.


This home’s gable is clad in staggered edge Hardie Shingle siding in Sail Cloth with HardieTrim boards in Cobble Stone and green accent shutters.

Add an accent.

Once you’ve selected your main siding and trim colors, it’s time to think about accent hues. Accent colors can add the right bit of punch, or serve as a subtle complement. These final details—think shutter color, a bold door, or a interesting gable—can make a big statement, adding standout character and calmly complementing the palette you’ve selected.

Selecting your main siding, trim, and accent hues can be intimidating, but it should also be fun. Unleash your creative side and play around with color palettes, style selections and hints of character.

To catch a glimpse of your re-sided home exterior before revamping your façade, try out the new James Hardie Home Color Tool. It’s a simple way to help you envision all the parts of your perfect palette.