Donn LaVoie

"Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes." - Jim Carrey 

Donn is one of the original ABC team members and has been with us for almost 20 years.  He has a Civil Engineering degree and is knowledgeable of the construction industry.  Donn is an important part of our Multi-Family Division team and is involved in all phases of exterior restoration projects. From the beginning of the project to the final inspection, Donn helps to coordinate and oversee all the activities. In addition, he does an excellent job of keeping our customers informed, is very client-focused, and has strong customer-service skills.  Donn has worked on Insurance Restoration Services and Capital Budget Projects, ranging from a few thousand dollars to over 14 million dollars.

He participates in on-site property inspections, client development, informational seminars, project estimating, plus project coordination & management.