Alternative Building Cure Solution

The ABC'S of ABC

When you are experiencing leaks in a flat roof the financial burden can be alarming. American Building Contractors offers an alternative method to a traditional roof replacement with a Fluid Applied Roofing System commonly known as roof coating. 

The Alternative Building Cure Solution (ABCs) is a roof coating option that can extend the life of a roof by up to ten years if it has not yet reached its life expectancy, but is experiencing issues. 

The ABCs comes with a FREE three year maintenance package including:

  • Bi-annual roof inspections
  • Photo documented reports
  • Cleaning as necessary 
  • Minor repair work as needed

The ABCs of ABC Benefits:

  • Extends the life of an existing roof
  • Decreases roof temperature an average 55-70 degrees 
  • Saves on energy costs
  • Can be applied to existing BUR, Metal, Concrete, TPO, PVC and EPDM

Scheduling an inspection to determine if your roof qualifies for the Alternative Building Cure Solution is the first step.

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