Builders' FAQs

Where will American Building Contractors work? 

American Building Contractors is currently licensed or registered as a General Contractor in 44 States. We have the crews, Certified Project Managers, infrastructure and relationships with manufacturers and suppliers on a national basis so we can perform multiple projects simultaneously throughout the United States. 

What trades will you do? 

American Building Contractors specializes in roofing, siding and gutters from the Division 7 trades along with finish carpentry from Division 6. 

On what size projects will you work? 

American Building Contractors will perform work on any project up to four stories. 

Are you able to do Turnkey projects on a national basis? 

Of course! American Building Contractors has developed relationships with manufacturers and suppliers specifically for this purpose. If it's a Turnkey solution you're looking for, ABC can accommodate your wants and needs. 

Do you supply all of the equipment on Turnkey projects? 

Of course! Whether American Building Contractors will be doing a roofing, siding or gutter project, we will provide all of the necessary equipment to complete the project safely and correctly. 

Do you have on-site supervision? 

Of course! American Building Contractors has a Project Manager on every job site from start to finish. It is the Project Manager's responsibility to oversee the crews, provide daily updates for the Superintendent and is the on-site contact person should there be any questions or issues that need immediate attention. 

Do you deal with manufacturer inspections? 

Of course! In fact, American Building Contractors will gladly orchestrate the inspections. We welcome the manufacturers inspecting our workmanship and strongly believe it is in everyone's best interests to always have inspections performed at predetermined intervals during construction. 

Are you OSHA certified? 

Of course! The Project Managers for American Building Contractors are OSHA certified. Present on every job site is our Safety Program Booklet and job specific Material Safety Data Sheets. 

Will you work in the winter? 

Of course! While there are some manufacturers restrictions for installing roofing in extremely cold conditions, if we can do the installation safely, correctly and to manufacture specifications, we will gladly do roofing in the winter months. We routinely install siding and gutters all year. 

How quickly can you get started? 

American Building Contractors has an in-house estimating department, roofing and siding crews available throughout the country and full time Certified Project Managers who can travel. Once we are awarded a project we can begin mobilization immediately.