Board Members' FAQs

Whether it's Capital Budget work or an Insurance Restoration project, American Building Contractors will make your job easier. 

How will ABC make my job easier?

We will make your job easier in a variety of ways. First, if you would like, we will gladly attend Board Meetings and meet with residents to answer questions. With Capital Budget projects, we will inspect your property and provide you with renderings which include different style, color and material options. For budgeting purposes we will also provide value engineering options and all of that information will be included in a detailed written estimate and proposal. Once construction begins, our Project Manager will be on-site each day to make sure the materials are being installed correctly to code specifications while following OSHA safety guidelines. Also, the Project Manager will answer questions on a daily basis and address any issues that might arise.                                                                   

With Insurance Restoration projects, the process is much more complicated because we’re working with your insurance company. We will handle every facet of the insurance restoration process for you. Some Board Members or Property Managers want to be very involved when dealing with the insurance company, others just want to be kept informed of how things are progressing. Regardless of your level of involvement, we have done this literally thousands of times and we’re accustomed to working through all of the Insurance Restoration complexities with Board Members, Property Managers and residents.

How are you different from other contractors?

Experience. American Building Contractors was been working with Homeowner Associations and Property Management Companies since 1998. We've literally helped tens of thousands of residents through Capital Budget projects, hail and windstorms and hurricanes. We've worked with small associations and entire town home communities. We know what we're doing and we know how to get the job done correctly, safely and with minimal disruption to residents and guests. 

Do you have references? 

Of course! American Building Contractors has worked with Homeowner Associations and Property Management companies for years. We will gladly provide you with references from around the country and encourage you to contact as many of them as you would like.  We are very proud of the fact that we have so many Board Members and Property Managers who are willing to take time to tell others of how American Building Contractors has helped them in the past.

Are you fully licensed, bonded and insured? 

Of course! As a leader in the exterior remodeling field, American Building Contractors feels very strongly about making sure our employees, sub-contractors, Property Owners and Homeowner Associations are all protected while we perform any work. We are registered and licensed in all states where we do business and have been for years. We carry all appropriate liability and workman's compensation insurance and we take out any performance bonds that a project may require. 

What brands of construction materials do you use? 

American Building Contractors has existing relationships with most of the largest manufacturers in America. We can buy and install virtually any product from any manufacturer. If you have a particular product in mind, ABC can get it and install it. 

Can you work during the winter? 

There are some manufacturer restrictions for installing asphalt shingles in cold weather. Almost all other projects can continue throughout the winter months. We will work quickly, efficiently and carefully to reduce cold air infiltration into the work area. 

Do you use sub-contractors? 

Like most large General Contractors, American Building Contractors has employees who have been with us for years and also employs sub-contractors. Most of ABC's sub-contractors have also been with us for years, and all are certified and continually trained by our production staff. All new sub-contractors are thoroughly checked-out, trained and tested before they are allowed to perform any work for us. Most importantly, every project is overseen by a Certified Project Manager employed by ABC who insures that all of our strict standards are upheld on every job and that we are in compliance with all building codes. 

How quickly can you get started? 

With Capital Budget projects, first we need to select materials and then place the order. At that time we’ll know when to expect delivery. Then, in most cases we can begin as soon as materials are delivered. While waiting for the materials we will prepare the staging area with the primary focus being to minimize disruption to the residents and guests. With Insurance Restoration projects, first we need to help make sure the insurance company is going to replace everything the HOA is entitled to receive. Then it’s the same construction process as dealing with a Capital Budget project.

What type of warranty do you have? 

America Building Contractors offers a five year limited workmanship warranty for sloped roof replacement; a two year limited workmanship warranty for low sloped roof replacement and a one year limited workmanship warranty for all other replacements. Regardless of whether we are replacing a steep slope or low slope roof, siding, windows or gutters, American Building Contractors offers the best manufacturer and workmanship warranty in the industry. ABC has worked on literally tens of thousands of projects and we realize word-of-mouth advertising is critical. We want to make sure that when the last nail is pounded, you are completely satisfied with the work we've done.  If a warranty issue arises, simply call our office and one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives will schedule a Service Technician to come out immediately.