Hurricane Florence Restoration Services

Hurricane Mitigation & Restoration


Since 1998 American Building Contractors has been helping homeowners, property management companies, town home associations and commercial property owners with their exterior insurance restoration needs. We've helped tens of thousands of homeowners and property owners complete over $500MM in insurance restoration projects. 

American Building Contractors supports and sympathizes with everyone affected by a hurricane. We understand the anxiety that damage to a home or property can cause. We know the frustration of trying to get things back to normal quickly. We are accustomed to working with homeowners, property management companies, town home associations and commercial property owners to minimize the stress of restoring a home or property and help get everyone's life back to normal. 

As one of the largest Insurance Restoration service providers in the country, American Building Contractors has crews and materials ready to begin helping immediately. Our dedication to prompt response, consistent communication, and quality workmanship will ensure that the damage is mitigated. Then we will help with the insurance claim process and bring your home or property back to the same or better condition that it was in before the storm.

Immediate Mitigation 

Upon approval, American Building Contractors will immediately dispatch crews to begin mitigation work on a home or property. Our team will be there tarping and preventing further damage. We want to make sure no further damage is incurred before the insurance claim is settled. During mitigation, our Certified Field Supervisors will assess the damage and provide a damage report with diagrams, digital images and a list of necessary repairs to help with the insurance claim process.

Insurance Claim Process

Working with the insurance restoration process can be time consuming, complicated and occasionally frustrating. However, we will gladly assist you, literally, from start to finish. Most of the time insurance companies and their adjusters are very fair, accurate and knowledgeable. They have the policy holder's best interests in mind. Obviously, this makes our job easier. In this situation it’s just a matter of pointing out all the damage so something isn’t accidentally overlooked.

Occasionally, a particular insurance company or adjuster will either refuse to pay for everything that is damaged or they will completely deny the claim. In these cases, we will suggest that you request a different adjuster re-inspect your property. If we still feel you are being treated unfairly there is an appraisal process with experts and an umpire and we will be present at every meeting. Of course you are welcome to attend but if you prefer not being actively involved or climbing on the roof to join our inspection, we will keep you apprised daily on how your claim is progressing.

Ongoing Communication

When we are working with a homeowner, we understand you will have a lot to focus on while you get your life back to normal. We will be there to help you through the insurance claims process, meet with adjusters, meet with inspectors and keep you informed on a daily basis.

When we are working with a property manager, town home association board or a commercial property owner, our communications team will create a Facebook group page allowing your tenants to receive daily updates on the status of their home or work environment. Residents or tenants may request access to the page to receive updates, ask questions or submit concerns. You will have a lot to focus on while we're rebuilding everyone's home or property, so let us take responsibility for answering all of  the questions and addressing all of the concerns. Residents and tenants may also opt in for email updates, or call our customer support hotline.

Your project will be assigned a Project Manager who will be onsite throughout the entirety of the construction process. They will be available daily to guide homeowners, residents and tenants, answer questions and ensure a safe work environment while overseeing the quality of service promised by American Building Contractors.


In addition to learning why customers select American Building Contractors to help them with their insurance restoration needs, we encourage you to review a sampling of testimonials received from homeowners, property managers, town home association board members and commercial property owners post Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Wilma, Hurricane Charley, Hurricane Irma and other natural disasters nationwide:

Homeowner - Naples, FL - Hurricane Irma

"We now have a new roof on our home and it looks so good even our neighbors have commented about it. But the quality of work and the tile product are just part of what makes getting a new roof a pleasurable experience. We wanted to express our appreciation to the people of ABC who have treated us so well and in such a professional manner. Their performance really makes a difference in what American Building Contractors delivers." 

-Bob & Marcia Fink

Homeowner - Marco Island, FL - Hurricane Irma

"My roof looks fabulous and I could not be happier with it. Thank you for your guidance, help, and all the other things (big and little) that you did to get this result. I have recommended you whenever possible and will continue to do so."

-Mary Jo

Huntington Pointe - Boca Raton, FL - Hurricane Wilma 

"Initially our insurance company only agree to pay for a small portion of the damage. Thanks to the efforts of American Building Contractors, our insurance company finally agreed to pay us almost $27 million for a full roof replacement on over 95% of our our buildings. This was an enormous project; however, since construction began, American Building Contractors has kept literally every promise they made...And, much to my surprise, I have gotten virtually no calls from upset homeowners"

- Shanna Wolk

Condominium Owners Organization of Century Village East, Inc. - Deerfield Beach, FL - Hurricane Wilma 

"Thankfully, you were referred to us by our insurance company. Many contractors seem to over promise and under deliver. Thankfully, your level of commitment, attention to detail and responsiveness to the wants and needs of our residents far exceeded my expectations."

- Ira Grossman  

The University of Mississippi - Hattiesburg, MS - Hurricane Katrina

"We underestimated the help needed in dealing with our insurer. When it became apparent that they were not going to be agreeable to the level of repair we felt was just justified, we were glad to have you and your team on our side. Your assistance helped protect our assets."

- Rusty Postlewate

Highview Christiania Lutheran Church - Farmington, MN - Cedar Roof Replacement Hail Damage

"We also want thank you, Mr. Moe, for the professional way that you oversaw this project and the friendly and helpful way that you walked us through the varied and many details. You were also a help as we negotiated with our insurance company to insure that we received our full benefit and that all parties could be paid in a timely fashion. If we can be of further help or you would like to use as a reference, please do not hesitate to call the church or ask personally."

- Christopher Beckman 

Community Development, Inc. - Golden Valley, MN 55427 - Tornado Damage

"In catastrophe claims, the Insurance Company often disputes the amount of the claim. ABC assisted the Association with reaching a settlement with the Insurance Company. The professionalism and expertise was observed by both the Board of Directors and the Management Company. Without ABC, there would have been many ends untied! An insurance claims and building damage is the last thing an Association wants, but if it would happen again, ABC would be one of the first to contact."

- Melinda Johnson



Insurance Restoration Services

Since 1998, American Building Contractors has helped tens of thousands of Homeowners and Property Owners with their insurance restoration needs. Our years of experience enable us to help you in two distinctly different ways: Helping you with your insurance company and repairing your home or property.

Roofing companies replace roofs. Siding, window and gutter companies replace siding, windows and gutters. They do not as a normal course of business have to help their customers deal with all the complexities of working with insurance companies before they can do their job. We've been successfully helping our customers with their insurance restoration needs for years.

  • The Insurance Restoration Services | Phase I

    The first phase of our involvement deals with the insurance restoration aspects of the project. This includes inspecting your home or property to determine the extent of damage, meeting with the insurance adjuster on your behalf to discuss the scope of damage and help you through the insurance restoration process. If you feel your insurance company is treating you unfairly and refuses to pay for something that has been damaged, there is an appraisal process and we will help you through that as well. This first phase is oftentimes much more complicated and time consuming than the construction process. As a service to our customers, all of the work American Building Contractors performs in the insurance restoration phase of activity is done at no cost to you.

  • The Insurance Restoration Services | Phase II

    Once your claim has been settled, American Building Contractors will begin the second phase of activity and we will replace your roof, siding, windows and gutters correctly and safely. One of our Certified Project Managers will be at the job site every day. Each Project Manager has successfully passed a background check and has received training from the various manufactures on proper installation procedures and also training on the OSHA safety guidelines.