Why Ludowici:   

Ludowici Roof Tile company has a rich history dating back 400 years ago in Rome, Italy where it became famous for its expertly crafted roof tile. Ludowici's products are still hand crafted giving architects and designers the capability to create durable and inspiring architecture with their truly unlimited terra cotta palette and design.  Ludowici tile colors are vitrified into the terra cotta tile producing a product that will never chalk, fade or lose moisture. 

Warranty Info:    

Ludowici offers a 75-year limited warranty that covers the product itself. The warranty is provided with the purchase of each piece of tile.  

Product Options:    

Ludowici products are handcrafted and custom designed with unlimited color options. From a Spanish tile home to decorative accents, Ludowici tile is bound to have a high end custom solution to match your dream design. Find you inspiration here.