Kemper System

Why Kemper System: 

Kemper System developed the first cold liquid-applied reinforced waterproofing membrane in 1957 and has become a world wide leader in manufacturing the highest quality waterproofing and roofing membranes in the industry.  

ABC Certification: 

Kemper System's Approved Applicators complete an extensive training program that covers the surface preparation and application of their entire product line every two years.  


Kemper System's offers basic limited warranties on all installations completed by a trained and Approved Applicator. For our larger commercial roofs, Kemper System's offers No Dollar Limit warranties to help further protect your investment. American Building Contractors' Field Supervisor will discuss the best option for your project, or you can view the their available warranties.


Kemper System has a variety of waterproofing and roofing system products. American Building Contractors often installs Kemperol® Reflect 2K FR, a cold liquid-applied, fully reinforced, highly reflective, fire-rated Cool Roof resin system. The system helps improve building energy efficiency, contributes to the reduction of the urban heat island effect, increases efficiency of solar panels, exceeds the LEED V2009 and LEED V4 requirements, and complies with other cool roof codes.  

The new bright white formulation has been tested and is listed by the Cool Roof Rating Council. Kemperol Reflect 2K FR boasts an inital SRI value of 110.