Why Carlisle:     

Originally developed as a pond liner, Carlisle's EPDM rubber sheeting revolutionized the roofing industry. With this innovation, single-ply roofing was born. Carlisle is the largest manufacturer of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane. TPO has become the market share leader for all commercial roofing products. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a popular roofing option because of its dependable, heat-welted seams, high reflectivity, superior physical attributes and resistance to water, chemicals, grease, fire and punctures.  

Warranty Info:      

Carlisle SynTec has a variety of warranty options for materials and damage from the forces of nature to help protect your investment and property. American Building Contractors will review the options with you to select the best option for your roofing solution.   

Product Options:      

Carlisle's Sure-Seal EPDM single-ply membrane is the roofing industries only Energy-Star® qualified EPDM membrane. Black Sure-Seal EPDM saves heating cost in the northern states and in the Southern states Carlisle's white and tan SureWeld ®  TPO membranes are Engery-Star ® qualified and Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), certified and has directly attributed to reduction in energy use and cooling costs for building in warm, southern climages. Carlisle's Sure-Flex PVC feature Engery-Star ® qualifications, contribute to LEED ® credit requirements and are CRRC rated and Title 24 compliant.