Boral Versetta Stone®

Why Boral Versetta Stone® USA: 

Boral Versetta Stone ® is a cement based stone veneer that allows contractors to recreate the beauty of authentic stone masonary with modern installation practices of speed and quality. Next to design, eliminating the need to paint, coat or seal are other great benefits in using Versetta Stone.  

Warranty Info: 

American Building Contractors participates in quarterly training sessions to assure they are adhering to the best installation practices and keeping up with the latest trends. Versetta Stone ® is backed by a 50-year limited warranty including a one-time transferability. View here for more information on their warranty

Product Options: 

Versetta Stone has both a Ledgestone cut and Tight-Cut stone to allow for a more smooth or rocky appearance. For more information on the specific products visit their product page here.